Z by Malouf memory foam molded pillow

Z by Malouf MEMORY FOAM Molded Pillow
Owner rating: 4 Stars
Comfort : 4.3 Stars
Pain relief: 4.3 Stars
Durability: 4.8 Stars
No bad odor: 4.6 Stars
No sleeping hot: 4.6 Stars

This pillow has the right firmness, provides great neck support, with memory foam of high quality and thus, lasts for a long time. It has also some therapeutic effects as it eliminates neck pains after a short period of use. On the other hand, others find the pillow too hard and it has a sickening odor. With its thickness, finding a comfortable position is difficult.


Design and Construction

The memory foam is of high quality, very heavy and when pressed, returns back to original shape quickly. It comes with an extremely soft velour cover and is nicely packaged. The pillow provides great neck support and with just the right height. The foam has the right firmness as the head does not sink down but not feeling as if the pillow is like a brick. The odor is only slight to none at all.


After almost two year of use, the pillow is still in great shape with no yellowing color; the foam still sinks in and comes back to its original shape as fast like before.

Comfort and therapeutic

Pillow is hypoallergenic. Suits well for a side or back sleeper, it is cool and maintains loft throughout the night, feels very natural allowing the person to doze off easily. After a couple of weeks of using the pillow, neck pains are completely gone.


Design and Construction

The pillow is very firm, the head almost does not make a dent; it is just as hard as a rock and it is also quite high and very long. Its odor is unbearable even after airing them under the sun.


Since the pillow is quite high, finding a comfortable position to sleep is a struggle. It is like the head is on the armrest of a couch.

Could be worth a try!

The pillow is designed to achieve maximum resiliency and durability. Though it has a chemical odor, the complaints were too exaggerated. After a few hours of airing out, the odor has lessened to a great degree; and after a few days, the odor is gone.

Z by Malouf memory foam molded pillow

  • 4.80 / 5

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