Sleep Innovations Molded Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Innovations Molded Memory Foam Pillow
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The Sleep Innovations exness Molded Memory Foam Pillow is a cost effective version of a classic memory foam pillow. It offers comfort and support at a reduced rate.


Good quality

The construction of the Innovations Molded Memory Foam Pillow is of high quality materials, with machine washable cover, mite and allergen proofing and 100% polyurethane memory foam. Users report that the pillow withstands a long period of time and for the pillow to last upwards of ten exness thailand years is not uncommon.

Memory Foam Technology

The memory foam technology allied with the pillow is both high quality and works to respond to body weight and temperature.

Low Cost

By far one of the most attractive aspects of the Innovations Molded Memory Foam Pillow is the low price tag. Within the marketplace of memory foam pillows this one is the most cost effective way of gaining the benefits of a memory foam pillow at a reduced rate.


Lack of Comfort

There is a widely reported lack of comfort exness th associated with this product. Both the design of the pillow and the density of the foam have led to increased discomfort with efforts to sleep and decreased deep sleep cycles. The thickness of the foam has also been questioned, with a discrepancy over the actual thickness of the product existing.


The Pillow is advertised as a king size pillow, but reports from some customers have also brought in questions regarding this sizing – sighting it as a smaller size than advertised.

Good Quality for a reduced price but offering comfort issues!

The Innovations Molded Memory Foam Pillow is great value for money, considering the memory foam technology within the product. However the good quality of the product is coupled with the potential comfort issues felt from customers who have used this pillow.

Where to buy?

Amazon $26

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