LinenSpa Contour Memory Foam Molded Pillow

LinenSpa Contour Memory Foam Molded Pillow
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The LinenSpa Contour Memory Foam Molded Pillow with Luxurious Cotton Velour Washable Cover is known for its valuable qualities and properties of reducing pressure and promoting support. It has softer foam and softer feel with advanced formula that brings one person into good sleep. It has a velour cover which can be removed and washed. It is also breathable and hypoallergenic. Other than those mentioned, you don’t need to worry for any allergies since this pillow has dust-mite resistant and antimicrobial properties. It comes in three different sizes, king, queens, and standard pillow. The pillow comes with a 3-year warranty which answers factory defects.


Great Comfort

With the use of this LinenSpa Memory Foam, it has lessened and alleviated neck, shoulder and back problems from sleeping. No need to worry about any strains since it perfectly fits the neck, shoulder, and most of all the head. Headaches were no longer a problem when this pillow was used. It surely brings a great sleeping experience and able to rejuvenate the user in preparation for the next day.

Beautiful design

The pillow covers is soft and the foams are very pleasant to look at. It also works in all ages whether male or female and young or adults. The feature of removable covers is also hygienic since it prevents accumulation of dirt and mites, thus promoting good hygiene and comfort as well.


Too Small for a Pillow

The pillow was found to be too small and also too thin that it cannot support well the head and especially the neck upon sleeping. It does not give the comfort as expected since it is like sleeping directly to the bed surface

Good Sleeping Experience!

The pillow will surely help you in bringing out the best of you through a goodnight’s sleep. The ease and comfort of your back, shoulders, head, and neck will bring all the strains and aches to the end. Get yourself one now to enjoy the best sleeping experience ever.

Where to buy?

Amazon $29

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